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UKYS Custom Suits & Tailored Suits, Dress Shirts and Pants, Chinos


UKYS Custom Suits with Peak Lapels UKYS Custom Suits with Peak Lapels UKYS Custom Suits with Peak Lapels UKYS Custom Suits with Pocket Flaps UKYS Custom Suits with Straight Piped
  • Peak Lapels
  • Notch Lapels
  • Slim Notch Lapels
  • One Button
  • Two Buttons
  • Three Buttons
  • Double Breasted
  • Straight Flapped
  • Straight Piped
  • Slanted Flaps
  • Slanted No Flaps
  • UKYS The Classic Style - Notch Lapel with Two Buttons
  • UKYS Contemporary Style - Slim Notch Lapel and One Button
  • UKYS Fashion Forward Style - Peak Lapel and Double Breasted

Let your style speak up

Our world of customization give you various choices to develop your custom clothing. Details make your suit unique vary from buttons and vents to pocket and lapels. We promise that you shine with your stylish suit.

Become self-stylist with our world of options

We trust the beauty of uniqueness from perfect details. Our customization options are complimentary and included in the price of you suit. Personalize your purchase to the very last detail and leave to us to complete your dream suit.

Fit Fit


The shoulder seam should end at
your natural shoulder line.


Your jacket should be long enough to
cover all of your rear.


Your pants should extend beyond
the heel of your dress shoe.

UKYS Custom Suits & Tailored Suits with Perfect Fit Promise

Impressive Appearance

When you have a suit that compliments your shape and accentuates your best features, the garment shines your style. We not only make a fit suit, we strive for a nicely fit suit to your style. Let us serve your stylish taste.


Fit Guaranteed

Our master tailor review each measurement profile to ensure the accuracy for the best fit. We may need further adjustment from your side to enhance the suit to nicely fit level . The final endorsed measurement is our fit promise.

The beauty of custom suit is the great fit. Let us know if your garment's fit is not what you expected. We offer alterations credit up to $75 or remakes on any garment. We have no rest until you are happy.


The Rules

When it comes to the most important aspect of your suit, fit will always reign supreme. The shoulder seam should end at your natural shoulder line, jacket just cover your rear and pants stop right before the heel of your shoe.

Quality Quality

Perfect outfit comes from quality details

We trust that tactful details will perfect a classy garment. The invisible front parts are taken similar care as the visible ones. The closer the zoom in details, the beauty of perfection is demonstrated.

Suit - comfortable trendy menswear

We focus on the underlying components to ensure the garment fit you better with more lightweight, comfortable, lasting quality and the finest materials.

Fabrics Fabrics

Beautiful, soft, multi-climatic, breathable. The finest fabrics for the quality fit suits.

UKYS Custom Suits & Tailored Suits with Perfect Fabrics Selections

Service Service

Service from heart

Each suit is the artwork created by our talented tailors with their great passion. Our skilled workers keep in their mind that all suits must be handled with expert care every step of the way. There is no compromise for the quality.