What is a Slim Fit Suit, Tailored Suit, and Standard Suit?

No matter your size or shape, a UKYS garment is made by hand, just for you.

  • Slim Fit

    UKYS Slim Fit

    Slim Fit is your most form-fitting suit. It's normal for this cut to feel a little "snug" for first-time wearers, but is the absolute favorite for those who prefer a truly streamlined fit. And don't worry, the Slim Fit IS NOT the same as a "skinny" fit. Choose this cut for a modern, close-cut look and feel. We recommend Slim Fit for slim/lean, average, and athletic body types.

  • Tailored Fit

    UKYS Tailored Fit

    Tailored Fit is cut close to the body, but is NOT as form-fitting as the Slim Fit. This fit is suitable for those who would prefer a tapered fit that's neither too fitted nor too baggy. We recommend this fit for those who want something in between a close cut and a looser, traditional cut. The Tailored Fit is suitable for gents of all sizes, but may be the preference for larger or broadly athletic gentlemen.

  • Standard Fit

    UKYS Standard Fit

    Standard Fit is your most "traditional" fit. It hangs looser on the body, making it the right choice for those who prefer a roomier look and more relaxed feel. We only recommend this fit for larger gentlemen who want a more conservative cut.


Our Promise

If you are not satisfied
we will remake it

UKYS Perfect Fit Promise


Our goal is to offer the best shopping experience. That is why we are committed to tailor the best quality custom clothing at an affordable price. In case your order does not fit you perfectly, we offer an alteration credit of up to $75 per garment for suit and $50 for others to put towards local tailoring. On the rare occasion your order cannot be altered, we will remake it for you. Learn more