UKYS Tuxedo Product Review


Every man should have at least one tuxedo in his wardrobe for those extra special evenings. Whether it’s for a work event or a friend’s wedding, a tuxedo deserves a prime place in your collection.

I donned UKYS’ black tuxedo to a couple of important events recently, and this is how I found the impeccably sharp suit.

The Fit


UKYS’ tuxedo comes in a tailored fit, made specifically to suit your body’s measurements. Videos during the ordering process help you correctly measure yourself from head to toe, and everywhere in between – giving UKYS everything they need to make the perfect suit. Following the videos is easy, but having someone around to help you measure makes a big difference.

The Tailored Fit is cut close to the body, but not as form fitting as the Slim Fit. This is ideal for a tuxedo, as traditionally the style is meant to be tailored but not too skinny. This creates a classic appeal, perfect for the modern gentleman.

The Fabric


The tux is crafted from 100% pure wool, making it a great choice for cooler evenings. That said, the material also allows your skin to breathe, so you could wear it during the warmer months of the year too.

The suit’s lining is made from satin, giving it a luxurious touch that makes you feel as suave and sophisticated as you look. I like the solid black hue too; a classic colour that gives the look a James Bond vibe.

The Details


As with most outfits, it all comes down to the details. From your bow tie to your cummerbund, the finishing touches are what really finish off the look in style and give it a sartorial touch.

I opted for the cummerbund and bow tie alone, but feel free to take the look a step further by popping a pocket square in the jacket’s top pocket. UKYS will also embroider your initials to both sides of the jacket’s interior, giving the tuxedo an extra unique touch, coinciding with the styles made-to-measure appeal.


Based in Vietnam, UKYS offers quality bespoke tailoring without startling Savile Row prices. The premium Sparke tuxedo comes in at a competitive $399, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a bargain when you see the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the final product.

Final Word

Overall, I would definitely recommend UKYS’ black tuxedo to any man who is missing an evening suit in his collection. Or even if you’re not, upgrade yours by investing in this lavish and debonair style.

Written by Chris Gill

Author Bio:

Chris-GillChris spent time growing up in both England and New Zealand, studied journalism at university in Hampshire and worked as a copywriter in London. He has released both a book of poetry and a memoir through his co-founded publishing company, PRNTD, and contributed articles to websites and magazines around the world. He now lives in Sydney, Australia.



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