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We break down the sartorial styles you need in your wardrobe for the year ahead.


We’re almost an entire month into 2016 already and many of us have probably already broken our New Year’s resolutions. The idea of eating healthier and drinking less loses its appeal once the cold, dark January nights draw in and we’re paying off our maxed-out credit cards from the festive season.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! There’s one resolution you can keep this year, which we promise is worth it. That is to rid of your tired old suit collection and invest in fresh new styles for 2016 and beyond! UKYS is here to help…

We take a look at the suiting styles you need in your wardrobe this year, as well as advice on where to wear each suit and what to team them with.

The Double-Breasted Suit


Perhaps one of the most timeless and treasured of all styles of men’s suiting, the double-breasted suit is an essential for every man’s wardrobe. It is still, however, a style that many guys are intimidated of trying, with the fear of looking like a money-hungry businessman from the 1980s or a 1940s mobster.

Forget these outdated connotations and feel confident adding a double-breasted suit to your sartorial style repertoire. Despite recent print and bright colour fades, you can’t go wrong with a classic cut in a black, grey or navy hue.

How & where to wear: A double-breasted suit will make a bold and confident statement in the boardroom, so we’d suggest teaming yours with a crisp white shirt, slick cotton tie, cufflinks and perforated brogues to complete the look.

The Three-Piece Suit


To really make an impact in 2016, we’d suggest opting for a timeless three-piece suit. Classic and unique, a three-piece will make you feel as confident and stylish as you look. Although the three-piece suit was originally made for lords and royalty, today you’ll find the style being worn in any office or at evening events.

The UKYS three-piece is without a doubt one of our most loved signature styles of suiting. Made from 100% pure wool and featuring a 100% pure satin lining, the suit effortlessly exudes luxury and is extremely comfortable too.

How & where to wear: Again, the double-breasted suit is an ideal option for the office, but we’d also recommend wearing the style at formal evening events. Take a tonal approach by pairing yours with a light blue chambray shirt and create a stylish contract by opting for a bold burgundy woollen tie. Seal the deal with a tie clip and loafers.

The Tuxedo


Last but in no way least, the tuxedo is the perfect style to opt for when it comes to eveningwear. The party season obviously seems a long way off seeing as it’s only just passed, but that doesn’t mean the tuxedo isn’t a great investment all year round. Whenever you need to make a suave and debonair impression at a formal event, the tuxedo is what you’re looking for.

Our 100% pure wool tuxedo in midnight blue epitomises great quality and design while its warm fabric is ideal for the colder months. The suit’s silk lining adds an extra element of comfort and luxury that can’t be beaten.

How & where to wear: The obvious answer is to wear during the party season, but a tuxedo is the perfect sartorial option for any dinner party dress code you might need to prepare for. Team yours with a lightweight white cotton shirt, velvet bow tie and polished Oxfords for effortlessly elegant appeal.


Written by Chris Gill


Author Bio:

Chris-GillChris spent time growing up in both England and New Zealand, studied journalism at university in Hampshire and worked as a copywriter in London. He has released both a book of poetry and a memoir through his co-founded publishing company, PRNTD, and contributed articles to websites and magazines around the world. He now lives in Sydney, Australia.



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