Proper suit care in 5 simple steps

A well-made suit is a breed apart from your average clothing. It’s not the t-shirt you can throw in your washing machine and tumble dry; it’s not the jeans you love more as they fade and wear. A suit requires proper care to maintain it’s shape, structure and lustre, and keep you looking sharp. But don’t fear, the steps are easy and, more often than not, require you to do simply nothing.

How to properly care for your suit  - put down the iron

1) Put down the iron

Invest in a steamer or hang your suit in the bathroom while running a hot shower to smooth out any wrinkles. An iron can do damage to the natural fibres of your suit, giving it an unappealing sheen.

2) Brush your shoulders off

Cut down on trips to the dry cleaner by removing dust and light stains with a clothes brush. The natural bristles in the brush will help expel dust and dirt that gets trapped in the wool, and ensure your suit lives a long and happy life.

How to properly care for your suit  - invest in quality wood hangers

3) Hang in there

Protect your suit by using a high quality cedar hanger that will repel moisture and moths. A wide and contoured wood hanger will also maintain the shape of your suit, unlike wire ones, which can cause stretching and puckering.

4) Take a break

Keep your suit fresh by giving it a break between wears. Hang your suit with enough space on either side to breathe, allowing it to air out and refresh while you’re not in it. Even suits need a little R&R.

How to properly care for your suit  - give your suit some R&R

5)  All together now

Always take your jacket and pants to the dry cleaner together. Dry cleaning exposes your suit to harsh chemicals, which could cause uneven fading if you take the pants in to be cleaned more often than the jacket.



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