How to wear a charcoal suit in spring

Since the beginning of time, the charcoal suit has been the most versatile. As a homage to its eternal appeal, this spring, we asked three guys to tell us what they like about it, and how they update it for the season.


Chris Baird in a charcoal suit sitting on steps.

Why he likes it

“It’s darker and dignified like a black suit, without you looking like you’re going to a formal event like a funeral. And somehow, it stands out a bit more than black. Also, I don’t know why, but gray is just my favourite color: it goes with everything.”

How he wears it for spring

“I just like the classic, conservativeness of a charcoal with a solid shirt. Charcoal matches well with a lot of shirt colors, even spring ones, like pastels. I like this shirt because it’s kind of white-green, and like a white shirt, it can go well with almost any kind of tie.”


Jordan Gordon with charcoal jacket over shoulder.

Why he likes it

“Every guy just gets a kind of sharper look in a darker suit. I can’t be tall, but at least I can be dark and handsome.”

How he wears it for spring

“Sure, the whole suit-shirt-tie look is really great. But when you see a guy sweating in the hot weather, that look becomes strained rather than effortless. I want to walk through my day feeling effortless and comfortable, so in this weather, that requires a tshirt. There’s an Italian word: Sprezzatura. It means studied carelessness.”


Neil Hamilton on the phone in a charcoal suit.

Why he likes it

“It’s not just the fact that it’s a multi-season suit, but it’s a multi-purpose suit. You could wear to a formal event like a wedding or cocktail party, and also at a casual party. You can even wear just the jacket with jeans and a graphic tshirt. Different pieces can be worn with anything, anywhere, anytime.”

How he wears it for spring

“Black-on-black is so ‘90s. It’s something we saw on stand-up comedians and the cast of the Matrix, then it died out. It’s much more about contrast now. A bright shirt with a dark suit creates a lot of contrast, and that’s what spring is all about: bright light hitting dark stuff.”


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