Creating a suit collection: a look behind the scenes

Thomas Edison once said, “genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” We’re pretty sure that ratio applies to putting a menswear collection together as well (not calling ourselves geniuses, just acknowledging the sweat equity invested in the realization of any large-scale endeavor.) However small, that critical fraction of inspiration is what gives one collection its distinct character and feel from any others. We talked to Tom Kearnan, Indochino’s Director of Merchandise, about the creative influence behind our latest release, here just in time for winter’s season of celebration.

Tom Kearnan, Indochino Director of MerchandiseTom earlier this year, thinking about holiday 2014.

The ideas behind the collection

“For our holiday collection, we wanted to explore the world of men’s evening wear. We took cues from the post-war era, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra – the whole Rat Pack scene. They were elegant dressers, and always appeared dressed up in public. So in the collection you’ll see fabrics and styles influenced by that era, velvets, pebble weaves, shawl collars and tuxedos.”

Evening wear inspiration

What we’re trying to do with your suits

“Menswear, suits, it’s all very classic, but we’re always looking at how we can manipulate those classic looks and make them relevant to today’s guy.”

om Kearnan, Indochino Director of Merchandise, planning the next collectionPlanning the next collection.

Looking good and feeling better

“Dressing up for any man is personal. It depends on your style, and it depends on the event, too. Nowadays you can do whatever you want – pair a shawl collar tuxedo jacket with jeans and some cool sneakers. A look like that works if you feel good in it. I think we’re leaving behind the Silicon Valley casualness that has influenced everything for so long. Guys want to dress well, they want to look good, and feel like men.”

Getting ready for a big night out

Ready, set, get dressed

“In some of the campaign images, we take a peek into the lives of these guys getting ready for an event. We see these more private moments, before someone is fully put together and ready to go, exposing the mood and emotions behind these scenarios. The anticipation and preparation that goes into dressing up for a big night. “

Give the people what they want

“I have the feeling people really want to party this year. More so than the last few years. Maybe it’s the economy.”

Indochino holiday 2014


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