7 Style Tips Every Guy Should Know

Therefore I wanted to strip things right down, and highlight 7 simple to apply, easily actionable style tricks you can use right now to improve your overall appearance.

1. The Importance of Fit

Fit is, hands down, the number 1 essential to dressing better. Spend as much as you want on clothes, but if they don’t fit they’re not going to look good. I recently spoke about The Importance of a Tailor, and getting the fit right is crucial to improving your style.


Tip: The less ‘unused’ fabric the better. For example, if you can grab a fistful of fabric from the back of your shirt you might want to consider getting it taken in. Trousers scrunching up at the bottom? Get them tapered and shortened. Aim to get the clothing to ‘skim’ your body. 

2. Make Brown Shoes Your Best Friend

From a previous article I published, you should now know the importance of good shoes. Your appearance can dramatically change if you wear a good pair of brown shoes over a pair of battered trainers, or poorly manufactured shoes.


My advise would be to start with a Tan Brogue, and then dive deeper into different styles and tones.

3. Wear Accessories

Don’t overdo it, but accessories can add some well needed detailing to your style. I’m talking ties, scarves, pocket squares, lapel pins, tie bars, belts, and on the odd occasion jewellery.

Accessories also can be used to make a subtle statement, often drawing attention towards your style and becoming conversation starters.

Tip: Don’t wear too many accessories. I remember hearing someone say ‘take off the last accessory you put on’ if you feel you’ve overdone it. I second that, too many accessories worn at once can have a negative effect.

4. Boss A Suit

A suit carries more style weight than any other item of clothing. Period. But before you say ‘I’m not a suit man’, consider investing as it’s probably the best investment you’re going to make.


Opt for a classic navy or charcoal suit to start with, and focus on making sure it fits as it should. You don’t have to always wear the suit formally though, break it down… wear the blazer with a t-shirt and jeans, wear the formal trousers with a button down shirt and knitwear, wear the full suit with a shirt and tie. The opportunities are endless.

5. Get A Grooming Routine

What impact does make up have on women? Neglecting grooming can have a hugely negative effect on your appearance.

Become better looking? Maybe that’s too bold of a statement, but introducing a more extensive grooming routine into your current one should be considered.

Grooming isn’t feminine, and you’re not being asked to wear make up, and in fact, you probably already have a grooming routine going on you don’t know about.

You wash right? Clean your teeth twice a day? Floss? Wear deodorant and aftershave? That’s grooming. Just simply ramp it up slightly, using a daily face wash, moisturiser to improve your skin and maybe an eye cream to help tired looking eyes.

6. Keep It Timeless

Being stylish doesn’t involve being interested in fashion. Who cares if you don’t know who Tom Ford is, who cares if you don’t read fashion magazines and keep up to date with the latest trend. If you keep things timeless, you’re going to be the envy of others.


This simply means keeping things simple and classic. Key items such as the Blazer, Shirts (especially buttoned-down shirts), Denim Jeans, Wool Trousers, Brogues, Ties and classic T-Shirts are all items which were stylish all the way back in the 1920′s. They’re still stylish to date, and will always continue to be stylish. A good blazer which fits well and looks good could last you a lifetime… Invest wisely

7. Buy Less

That’s right, stop accumulating a wardrobe full of clothing you pick up at a ‘bargain’.

Men’s style is all about quality over quantity, so focus more on investment pieces than grabbing a shirt for a night out.

Lets do some math…


You buy a £40 blazer from a high street store, as it was on sale and you thought it looked a million dollars. Due to the production of the blazer, it lasts you a year.

You could have invested in a made-to-measure blazer which fitted better, and was made to your guidelines for £250. Woah, £250 on a blazer? Well this could easily last you 10 years (probably more).

£250 divided by 10 years equals £25 a year. Not so expensive after all?

The more simple your wardrobe, and the more you shift your focus to buying quality over quantity, the simpler enhancing style will become.


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