• Pink Custom Shirt
  • Pink Custom Shirt
  • Pink Custom Shirt
  • Pink Custom Shirt
  • Pink Custom Shirt
  • Mother of Pearl Buttons

Pink Custom Shirt

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Standard Customizations

Fit Type: Tailored Fit


  • Cuffs: Two Button Angel
  • Collar: Spread Collar
  • Length: Tucked
  • Placket: Standard Placket
  • Yoke: One Piece Yoke
  • Arms: Long Sleeve

Fabric & Care

  • Suggested Style: Business, Casual.
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton | 80/2 x 80/2, 125gsm
  • Mother of Pearl Buttons
  • Easy-to-Iron Finish | Machine Washable
  • $5 Flat-rate Global Shipping & Free Returns | Arrives in roughly 2 weeks.

What Makes it Unique
There are some days when you feel like you could use a splash of colours in your outfits. A men's pink shirt is exactly what you need to have in your wardrobe to have those moments covered. UKYS Pink Custom Shirt can be the base of multiple outfits.

Product Code: SH-K-280SPO-003