How to buy a Tailored Suit Online?

It's never late to start dressing like an in-the-know adult. Your appearance does influence your opportunities in life, and your style of dress speaks volumes about you as a person, all without words.

Step 1. Choose Your Fabric and Style

At UKYS, you will find a world of custom-tailored clothing from indoor wear to festival attire just waiting for you to order. We’ll surprise you with self-designed apparel and a full selection of custom suits online, including single-breasted suits, double-breasted suits, graduation suits, wedding suits, custom blazers, custom pants, and dress shirts. UKYS always offers the finest fabrics for the highest quality of fit with combinations of wool, cashmere, and linen. These fabrics add the perfect amount of polish to your look. Our clothes are guaranteed to make you look good and feel good.

Your style is your voice-without-words and it is our honor to guide you on the road to impress the world with your signature style.

Choose Your Fabric and Style

Step 2. Customize Your Clothes

The beauty of custom-tailored apparel comes from its versatile ability to convey subtle qualities like intelligence, attention to detail, and creativity via customizations. The details make a tailored garment different from one bought off the rack at a retail store. UKYS offers a bountiful list of unique features for men to style their outfits. You can add your own touch by customizing lapel width, a stylish boutonniere, or an elegant pocket square in your favorite color.

All your choices, and all for free.

Customize Your Clothes

Step 3. Get Measured at Your Home

At UKYS we couple a dapper look with a perfect fit. Custom tailoring takes into consideration the asymmetry of the wearer's body, and we understand how no one knows you better than yourself. Hence, no tailor is required. Following our video guide, you will easily go through our simple online process to set up your own measurement profile with assistance from the companion of your choice (mom, girlfriend, sister, buddy). This interesting exercise takes you less than 15 minutes and is surprisingly fun.

Once your order is placed, our highly skilled tailors carefully review all measurements by to ensure the best finish for your ensemble.

FINALLY: Relax and enjoy. It's $5 flat-rate shipping for All order. In about two weeks to receive the best fitting clothes you’ve ever owned.


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